Top 6 Things to Do in Lisbon

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. We went, without a plan but more of a dream. We knew we wanted to explore this unique city that we had heard was a great place to visit. But Lisbon wasn’t known for it’s list of sights and museums we needed to visit. Lisbon was known for being a place to be in. To walk around and soak in the feeling and the culture. To wander the hills and sit at a random café. I have traveled to many of the big “famous” cities in Europe so I was skeptical Lisbon would live up to the grander. But one day and we were in love with this soft, beach side city that contained all the beauty of Europe and more than it’s fair share of the warmth (in weather and people). Instead of planning, check out the top things to do in Lisbon, and how to take this city nice and slow.

Visiting Ashland Oregon – What To Do During a Pandemic

As a young woman, pre-kids, I remember a mentor telling me about the quaint Ashland Oregon.  She raved on about outdoor theaters, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, the cute boutiques, and the lovely cafes lining Ashland Creek.  I dreamed of a romantic weekend getaway enjoying the town with my husband.  However, that sadly never happened.  But…