Serene – Overlooking the Water

When I saw this week’s photo challenge, Serene, I immediately thought of my happy place — the beach. I grew up near the water, and have managed to find a way to live near it all my life. Something about being close enough to smell the ocean, hear the waves, and breath in the salt air makes me happy, calm and serene.

My son, taking a nap on the beach at Cabo San Lucas

A stranger, overlooking the bay in Mumbai and looking out at the city as the sun sets

The three loves of my life, enjoying the water splashing their ankles as we walk along the beach in Emeryville, CA

Enjoying the view and the quiet in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, during our 10th anniversary trip

My daughter overlooking the Bay from Treasure Island and staring out into San Francisco

Some people look at the ocean and think of the big, tumultuous waves — but I feel calm. The sounds, smells, and water always calm me, and bring out the happiness in my soul. And reviewing these pictures makes me realize it’s time to go out, and explore and find new beaches, to help bring back that calm, serene feeling.

This has been a part of the weekly photo challenge: Serene

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